Xtreme Muzik??

Big & Rich Mystic Lake Billboard
Big & Rich At Mystic Lake Casino

Xtreme Muzik: The Tour?? Really?!?

I spotted this billboard for Big & Rich at Mystic Lake Casino…but are we really expected to take seriously an Xtreme Muzik tour from a couple of Good Ole Boys in cowboy hats? [DETAILS.]

Joe Mauer Mocks Troy Polamalu

Joe Mauer Mocks Troy Polamalu

Love it! Twins catcher Joe Mauer makes fun of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu over his high voice and his Head & Shoulders commercials…in this Head & Shoulders commercial. Mauer ought not quit his day job; he’s a far better hitter than he is an actor. Found at YouTube from headandshoulders.

Lingerie Football League Comes To Minnesota

Lingerie Football League Comes To Minnesota

Did Vince McMahon start a football league? Cause the Lingerie Football League would seem to be right in his wheelhouse. Regardless, Minnesota will soon get a taste of what nightwear on the gridiron is all about. And from the looks of it, it could be awfully entertaining.

These girls can play them some football!

They’ll play at the Target Center. They haven’t got a name yet but you can submit your suggestion to LFLinMinnesota@LFLUS.com and if it’s picked, you’ll win season tickets for life. Open tryouts will be announced shortly. (If you want to get some practice in before the tryout, we play every Saturday afternoon at the Northeast Minneapolis Athletic Fields. Just saying.) The season home opener is scheduled for October 1, 2011. Found at YouTube from LingerieFootball.

Theater In The Mashup: Michael Bay’s Super Mario Armageddon At Bryant Lake Bowl

More evidence that the notion of the mashup is taking hold in the mainstream culture. The Bryant Lake Bowl is currently showing Michael Bay’s Super Mario Armageddon, a mashed up play featuring the video game sensibilities of Super Mario Bros depicted in the film direction style of Michael Bay.

Here’s Bryant Lake Bowl’s description: Action movies and video games collide in a mushroom cloud of funny! Imagine the biggest video game ever! As told by the biggest director ever!! In the biggest way ever!!! Now imagine all that squeezed onto a 9 x 22 foot stage in the back of a bowling alley.

Two more shows remain. [DETAILS.]

Super Mario Bros. Wii Preview

Found at YouTube from IGNentertainment.

Michael Bay Montage

Found at YouTube from TomasGolej.