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NFL Team News

Links to NFL Team news, fan sites, and blogs that I’ve complied. I will add links the the unlinked pages as I compile them. Please be patient.

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Atlanta Falcons News, Web Sites & Blogs

Here are some links for you to read up on this week’s opponent, the Atlanta Falcons (updated 9/4/07):

Atlanta Falcons News Sites

Atlanta Falcons Web Sites

Atlanta Falcons Blogs

Atlanta Falcons Photos

Touch Football

I play touch football every Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at . It’s located across the street from the Home Depot at The Quarry and right next door to the Jim Lupient Water Park.

Anyone is welcome to join us. It’s competitive but friendly and informal. We play all year ’round, 52 weeks a year, rain, snow, or shine. Just show up if you want to play.

We have an email reminder list and every week we choose the coveted Play of the Day, which I post here .

This map lists all the locations I know of where you can play touch football in the Twin Cities, either in an organized league such as , or just pickup games. If you know of a location that is not on the map, email me the details (exact address is preferable) and I’ll add it to the map.

About This

I am using this blog to experiement with the the format, keep my writing skills honed to a razor sharp edge, to tell stories, and to share with perfect strangers some of my life and thoughts and places and things that I find interesting.

Throughout this blog, you’ll find hyperlinked references to the people or places that populate I’ve approached the blog in this fashion for simple reasons of efficiency; it is far easier, for example, to describe a person once and refer to their profile thereafter than to describe them every time I mention them. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of the people and places you’ll find in this blog: