Safety Fart

Sure, call me juvenile. I don’t care. I giggled at this, as I often do when watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

This, of course, is a parody of the 80s hit, Safety Dance:

John McCain On Saturday Night Live

The fact that shows like can thrive for decades on political satire and parody, lampooning presidents and presidential wannabes alike, says a lot about our democracy. And SNL can often be brutally unforgiving. For that reason, I give a lot of credit to politicians who agree to appear on the show.

McCain’s running mate, , has already appeared on Saturday Night Live and was, primarily, the butt of their jokes. Last night, it was ‘s turn and it looked to me like a candidate who has conceded defeat while taking some jabs at the running mate who has been a drag on his ticket. The opening sketch was remarkable in its portrayal of Palin and, more importantly, McCain’s agreement to participate in it:

That’s one funny McCain. The audience clearly appreciated he and Cindy McCain’s willingness to play along. McCain also made light of his campaign’s strategy for winning the election:

Lastly, . It’s a must see.

Sid Vicious Sings My Way

This is the best: of the sings . Found it on (but then when I saw it posted and it wasn’t even embedded in my blog but instead sent you over to ClipShack when you clicked on it, I went over to Google Video and found it and used their code so you can stay on my blog and watch it and, by the way, the Google code allows you to change the side of the video, which the ClipShack code does not. So take that ClipShack!):

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