Senator Scott Jensen Just Blocked Me On Twitter

Screenshot: Senator Scott Jensen Blocked Me On Twitter

I moved to Chaska a little over a year ago.

Today I decided to find my new state representatives online. My state House member is Joe Hoppe and my state Senator is Scott Jensen.

Both are Republicans. I’m not.

That’s fine.

I have plenty of Republican friends, even very conservative Republican friends with whom I can debate and disagree with agreeably. I enjoy my discussions with them because they challenge my beliefs as much as I challenge theirs. I am the richer for it; I better understand where they’re coming from as a result.

So, today I was hoping to learn more about the people who have been elected to represent me at the state capitol in our beautiful state.

First, I found Representative Joe Hoppe on Twitter, who seems like, pardon the pun, an ordinary Joe. Lots of retweeting. This one, I especially agree with:

Next, I found Senator Scott Jensen on Twitter and as I was scrolling through his feed, found this tweet:

Screenshot: Senator Scott Jensen Screwtape Letters Tweet - 01.21.2017

Since it was posted yesterday, January 21, the day of the massive Women’s Marches across the country, I naturally assumed he was referring to those very marches.

I was curious as to why he would call them “mean,” which I didn’t see in the coverage. I thought it was all about Americans asserting their constitutional rights.

I was going to reply to find out exactly what he meant by that but then noticed that someone else had already replied, so I clicked to investigate. As you can see from the above screenshot, that person was state Senator Danny Schoen, asking if he was referring to the Women’s March.

Senator Jensen responded to Senator Schoen by saying: “No, referring to those events where private property is damaged and security people are injured and personal rights are infringed,” which happened the day before, Inauguration Day.

So, naturally, I wanted to point out the obvious by saying it was weird, then, that he would make such a statement on the day of the Women’s March rather than the day before, when there was actually some property damage by protesters. I thought it was a pretty mild comment and gave him a chance to further clarify or respond.

Here’s the exchange:

Screenshot: Senator Scott Jensen Tweet Exchange

Missing from this exchange is one where I replied to Senator Jensen, accepting his explanation:

You’ll also notice that I ended the exchange with a hope, as a constituent, for continued dialogue with the Senator:

To which he responded by blocking me (see the screenshot at the top of this post), blocking his colleague Senator Danny Schoen:

And blocking fellow Minnesotan Anthony Domanico, who had commented on the thread:

I thought my exchange with the Senator, while mildly challenging him, was respectful and I tried to demonstrate my openness to discussion. Which is why I was stunned to subsequently find he had blocked me from his Twitter account.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed in my State Senator’s decision to ignore the voice of one of his constituents.

The funny thing is, it’s not like I can’t follow his tweets anyway. All I had to do to get the screenshots of his tweets for this post was log out of my Twitter account and go back to his.

Rather than responding reasonably, Senator Scott’s act of retribution has prompted me to respond with this post. #SMH

Minnesota Is 3rd-Fastest Warming State

Minnesota is the third-fastest warming state in the Union, according to a new report by Climate Central.

Global warming isn’t uniform. The continental U.S. has warmed by about 1.3°F over the past 100 years, but the temperature increase hasn’t been the same everywhere: some places have warmed more than others, some less, and some not much at all. Natural variability explains some of the differences, and air pollution with fine aerosols screening incoming solar radiation could also be a factor. Read the rest at Climate Central.

Chart - MN 3rd Fastest Warming State

My Favorite Sports Moment: Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run

I recorded this for the new HBO series Sport In America, which is asking people for their most memorable or significant sports moments. Mine, obviously, was Henry Aaron’s home run that broke Babe Ruth’s all time record. The reason it is my favorite sports moment is not due primarily to Aaron’s athletic prowess but for the moment’s historic significance for which I was blessed to experience a unique persepctive. Found at YouTube from davideerickson.

Hank Aaron’s 715th Home Run

Found at YouTube from TheStoreAtReinabiz.

RIP: Minnesota State Government Shutdown

Photograph of a Minnesota state flag flying at half-mast
Minnesota Government Shutdown Flag Photo courtesy David Erickson

So our state government has shut down due to failure to reach a compromise to bridge the gap in our budget.

I blame the Republicans completely and without reservation.

Their insane instance against raising taxes (even though they are perfectly happy to impose fees but a tax by any other name…, you know), even for merely the most well-off amongst us (who have made out like bandits since the Clinton Administration), is unreasonable by any standard.

Further, philosophically, conservatives are opposed to government so seeing it shut down ain’t no thing to them. Democrats, on the other hand, believe in government, believe in its ability to serve people and do good. For that very reason, they want the government to remain open.

I gotta believe Governor Dayton went the last mile in an effort to keep the ship of state sailing.


Miss Minnesota Believes Evolution Should Be Taught

Miss Minnesota Believes Evolution Should Be Taught

Yay for reason! Yay for science! Yay for facts! I admit I was dreading watching this video for fear of where our very own Miss Minnesota, Brittany Thelemann, for stating rather definitely and eminently reasonably that evolution should be taught in our schools.

I’d say it makes gives me hope for the future were it not for so many of the rest of her fellow Miss USA candidates who said No, or Yes, But or, worse, All Opinions Should Be Taught. Still, way to go Brittany! Found at YouTube from seng12900 via Washington Post.

Hubert H Humphrey Centennial Reunion & Policy Discussion

UPDATED: 5/28/11: I participated on the Civil Rights, Civic Discourse & Civic Responsibility in a High Tech World panel for the Hubert H. Humphrey Centennial Reunion & Policy Discussion held May 27, 2011, at Minneapolis City Hall.

Do Online Technologies Contribute To Civic Discourse? from David Erickson.

Hubert H. Humphrey Centennial Reunion Invitation From Vice President Walter Mondale

Hubert H. Humphrey Birthday Centennial Reunion from Tottencom.

Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Speech Before The 1948 Democratic National Convention

One of the greatest speeches ever given: Hubert H. Humphrey’s 1948 Civil Rights Speech at the Democratic National Convention. Found at YouTube from AmericanSpeeches.

Kathleen Sebelius: Health & Human Services Celebration Of Hubert H. Humphrey

Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius discusses Hubert H. Humphrey’s legacy and a screening of excerpts of The Art Of The Possible, a documentary about Humphrey, and a discussion with filmmaker Mick Caouette. Found at YouTube from USGOVHHS.

Governor Mark Dayton Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Congressman Keith Ellison Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Mayor R.T. Rybak Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

State Senator John Marty Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Justice Paul H. Anderson Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Tom Tipton Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Larry Redmond Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Robert Tennessen Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Robert E. Hansen Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

Rich Neumeister Remembers Hubert H. Humphrey

Found at YouTube from craigstellmacher.

MN2020: Hubert H. Humphrey’s Legacy

Found at YouTube from MN2020.