A Tour Of St. Paul’s New Green Line Light Rail Route [VIDEO]

St. Paul blogger (Eccentric Aspects) and photographer Nick Wormley created this awesome timelapse video of what St. Paul’s new Green Line light rail line from our capital city to Minneapolis will look like once it starts running in 2014. How’d he do it? By walking the length of the route with a camera attached to his head (here are the details)! H/T @generebeck,

This is the exact same light rail line I will be taking every day to Minneapolis for my new venture next year. Watch and enjoy:

8 Panoramic Photos Of Minnesota From The 1900s [GALLERY]

At the turn of the century, photographer George R. Lawrence traveled the United States and took panoramic photos along the way, eight of them in Minnesota. Mr. Lawrence would likely be dismayed to learn how easy it has become to shoot panoramic photos! Read more here and see the full collection here.

Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota – 1906

George R. Lawrence Photo: Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1906

International Harvester’s Flax Twine Plant In St. Paul, Minnesota – 1907

George R. Lawrence Photo: Flax Twine Plant - International Harvester - St. Paul, Minnesota 1907

George R. Lawrence Photo: Flax Twine Plant - International Harvester - St. Paul, Minnesota 1907

Hutchinson, Minnesota  – 1901

George R. Lawrence Photo: Hutchinson, Minnesota 1901

New Ulm, Minnesota – 1906

George R. Lawrence Photo: New Ulm, Minnesota 1906

St. Cloud, Minnesota – 1902

George R. Lawrence Photo: St. Cloud, Minnesota 1902

Minnesota House Of Representatives – 1901

George R. Lawrence Photo: Minnesota House Of Representatives 1901

Minnesota Senate – 1901

George R. Lawrence Photo: Minnesota Senate 1901

RIP: Minnesota State Government Shutdown

Photograph of a Minnesota state flag flying at half-mast
Minnesota Government Shutdown Flag Photo courtesy David Erickson

So our state government has shut down due to failure to reach a compromise to bridge the gap in our budget.

I blame the Republicans completely and without reservation.

Their insane instance against raising taxes (even though they are perfectly happy to impose fees but a tax by any other name…, you know), even for merely the most well-off amongst us (who have made out like bandits since the Clinton Administration), is unreasonable by any standard.

Further, philosophically, conservatives are opposed to government so seeing it shut down ain’t no thing to them. Democrats, on the other hand, believe in government, believe in its ability to serve people and do good. For that very reason, they want the government to remain open.

I gotta believe Governor Dayton went the last mile in an effort to keep the ship of state sailing.


We’re 50th!

The Best Colleges website has ranked the top 50 most amazing college campuses in the US and the University of Minnesota has made the list…just barely, at number 50. [SEE THE LIST.] Here’s why:

Not only is the main campus of the University of Minnesota located in the “Happiest City in America” it also starts our list of the prettiest college campuses in the country. Ranked as a Public Ivy school for its excellence in academic standards, this campus boasts great facilities like the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, and the oldest building on campus, Pillsbury Hall. Students will enjoy the view between the East and West sides of campus as they cross the Mississippi river via the Washington Avenue Bridge.

Certified Escort Vehicle?

I recently spotted this New York State Certified Escort vehicle in downtown Minneapolis. I thought it was odd for a vehicle to bear an official seal declaring it as such and it prompted me to question just what is a Certified Escort Vehicle? Who or what do they escort and why do they require a Certified Vehicle? If you can enlighten me, please do so in the comments.

Photograph of a New York State Certified Escort Vehicle in Downtown Minneapolis
New York State Certified Escort Vehicle


Circle Me, Bert!

Photograph of a girl holding up a Circle Me, Bert! sign at a Minnesota Twins game
Circle Me, Bert!

Hall of Fame pitcher Bert Blyleven, a former Minnesota Twins pitcher and their current television color commentator had a habit of circling fans on screen. And fans, of course, have reacted by bringing Circle Me, Bert! signs to the ballpark.

Where We Take Photos In Minnesota

Where Minnesotans and tourists take picture in Minnesota. This map is courtesy of Flickr, who mashed together their inventory of geotagged photos by users who live in Minnesota and those who do not. The Blue lines represent photos taken by us Minnesotans and the red lines represent the foreigners’ photos. The concentrations of tourists photos are mainly at the airport and at Mall Of America.

Locals and Tourists #25 (GTWA #67): Minneapolis