Sorry For The Mess

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I had grand plans to redesign the Twin Cities, Minnesota Blog and then seamlessly, in the wee hours of the night, flip the domain switch so that, presto!, you, dear read, would be spared the experience you are currently…experiencing.

So much for grand plans.

Had I stuck to them, this blog would still be languishing in its previous design and would not enjoy the future benefits of the flexibility that WordPress provides.

This experience has taught me how much of a pain in the ass transferring a blog from TypePad to WordPress really is.

And not’s not comforting at all to me because I’ve got two more blogs worth of pain to endure.

Anyway, please bear with me as I configure this thing. You’re going to encounter some broken links as you explore. If you find any, please email me the URL so I can fix it: deerickson at gmail dot com.


The NFL Broke My Links!

The newly redesigned has a lot of great features and content but one major problem with it is that they changed the URL addresses for the individual player profiles and as a result, all the links I’ve made to them over the years in my pro football posts are now broken.

Here’s an example: The old link to Darren Sharper’s profile. The . If you look closely, you’ll see the URLs are different for both profiles but the old profile is not redirected to the new one.

It is something that can be fixed retroactively, so hopefully, they fix it.

I’m sorta thinking of linking to player profiles on Wikipedia from now on because they are less likely to change addresses.

If the details of’s broken links interest you, I’ve written about it at my .

So, if you’re running into broken links to football players, that’s why.