To Draft A QB Or Not Draft A QB: Vikings Smokescreen?

The Vikings are in an extremely enviable position for the second round of the NFL Draft, having traded out of the first round with the Detroit Lions last night. The Vikings traded their 1st round pick (30th) and 4th round pick (128th) for Lions’ 2nd round pick (34th), 4th round pick (100) & 7th round pick (214th).

Sitting that high up in the draft with two top quarterbacks still available (Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen), the Vikes are in a position to nab their choice if they do indeed want to draft a QB, or take offers to trade down again from teams still in need of a signal-caller.

Draft junkies know that the Vikings (as do a lot of teams) go to some lengths to make other teams think something that may not be true with regard to the Vikes’ draft intentions. Today is an instance where that might just be paying off.

It came as no surprise to me, then, when I read in this morning’s Star Tribune that Steve Mariucci, an NFL Network draft analyst and longtime FoF (Friend of Favre) say that the 40-year-old QB has not yet recovered from the ankle injury he suffered against those cheaters, the New Orleans Saints. For good measure, Mariucci added “He’s trying to determine: Is his body telling him something here? Or is he going to be feeling better in due time. He still hasn’t made up his mind.”

Nice timing!

Well, is Brett Favre really going to return for another season if his ankle has yet to heal? Will the Vikings draft a quarterback as insurance? Raising these questions among the quarterback-needy that remain in the draft, only benefits Chilly and company. We’ll see how it plays out today but I’m liking where we sit.

Jimmy Clausen Video Highlights

Found at YouTube from awasiele.

Colt McCoy Video Highlights

Found at YouTube from ohio33state. What is it with Creed and college highlights?!?

Hop Henge At Muddy Pig

Photo courtesy of

I had some Hop Henge Friday night at The Muddy Pig in Saint Paul. They served it in these very glasses. The beer is made by Deschuetes Brewery out of Portland, Oregon, and, according to Deschuetes: “Hop Henge started its life as an India Pale Ale, but this year it was bumped up to ‘Imperial IPA’ status, with a hefty dose of additional hops.”

If you like Surly’s Furious, you’ll like Hop Henge.

The Joy Of Outdoor Baseball

Target Field - Minnesota Twins Ballpark
Photo courtesy of meetminneapolis.

I haven’t yet made it to a Twins game this year (and you know it’s killing me) but that hasn’t prevented me from thoroughly enjoying outdoor baseball played at Target Field.

I’ve been watching the Twins on TV (in glorious HD, of course) and it is an entirely different experience this year in our new ballpark. The first thing that struck me watching the games is that it sounds different. I don’t know why, but it seems like I hear more detail in the sounds of the game, the reaction of the crowd is more robust, individual fans’ catcalls seem to be more clear.

Most of all, though, the game is infinitely more visually compelling, starting with those wonderful throwback 60s-era home uniforms.

The Metrodome was visually bland but now we’ve got the brilliant green of the grass to look at. Shots of players are framed by a crowd that is much closer to the action, and therefore, to the camera as well.

The ever-changing shadows that creep across the field with the changing afternoon sun provide constant visual variety.

And, of course, shots of pop flies and home runs now include blue sky and the Minneapolis skyline. Glorious!

I can’t wait to experience it in person.

New Vikings Stadium Proposal

This should come as no surprise but I’m all for a new Vikings stadium. I like stadiums. I LOVE stadiums. I want opulent stadiums. My paper trail is long on this topic; I’ve been in the yea column since, what? 1997 when the Twins first started talking about a new ballpark.

Senate Tax Chair Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, talks with Capitol Report host Julie Bartkey about the framework for funding a news Minnesota Vikings Stadium. Senator Bakk’s interview was taped earlier today, and the entire Capitol Report program, including comments from officials from the Minnesota Vikings, will air Sunday, April 18th, on the Minnesota Channel and local PBS stations. Found at YouTube from UpTakeVideo.