Minnesota Wild Win

I confess I did not really follow the this season. But I am now and man am I impressed. The last time I really watched the team was during the playoffs when they were manhandled by the . But this looks like an entirely different Minnesota Wild team. The one I remember from last year were very sloppy passers and got out-muscled much of the time. This Wild team’s passing is crisp and they’re are throwing their weight around.

Both games thus far of this playoff series have been extremely good and exciting.

The first Western Conference quarterfinal match-up between the Wild and the should have been a Wild win. The home team absolutely outplayed the Avalanche but got no breaks and seemed to tire at the end.

Last night, on the other hand, they did not seem as crisp and didn’t get after the Avalanche nearly as much as in game one, but they came out with the win nevertheless. 

Hit Or Miss

It’s amazing what a good camera will do to your ability to take interesting photos! It makes all the difference in the world. While I don’t pretend to know what I’m doing, I am having a lot of fun with my new camera as I try to figure it out.

On Friday I met up with some friends at the Leaning Tower of Pizza on University by Dinkytown and aside from the abysmal service (I have never ever in my life not left a tip, so this was a first), I had fun and part of that fun was taking pictures.

It’s funny. The one photo I thought would turn out to be pretty interesting wasn’t that at all but one that I just snapped, not thinking much at all about it, turned out pretty nicely. I just like the way the people are framed, engaged in conversation. I especially like the contrasts in light: The dark interior with the lighted exterior  and how the blue light from the Cocktails sign highlights the booth, table and plant:

Leaning Tower Of Pizza

All Of A Sudden, You’re A Photographer?

Twin Cities Blizzard - 3/31/08

I must’ve been the only person in Minnesota who was happy that we got a blizzard yesterday. I was afraid I would have to wait an entire year before being able to take Winter photos with my brand, spanking new camera.

I was inspired by the Flickr photo contest and . So I broke down and got myself a from . I’ve been telling my friends, beware the recently converted because when I get into something, I tend to jump in with both feet. This is no exception.

I’ve already uploaded hundreds of pictures to . I’m not saying they’re great, far from it. I know I’ve got a lot to learn. But it sure as hell is fun!

I guess now I need a photo blog.