Carl Eller

It’s about time Carl Eller got into the Hall. Why oh why do they never include video highlights of the inductees’ careers on the Hall of Fame Web site?!? Is it just me, or is that a no-brainer? On Eller’s Hall page their idea of "multimedia" are still photos. Very lame. Leave it to Minnesota Public Radio to fill in the multimedia gap by posting a Real Audio feed of Eller’s induction speech. MPR had Eller on their Midday show today. It was a very good interview that mostly covered his social activism rather than his football career. KSTP TV has a short Windows Media video clip on Eller’s speech at their site and Twin Cities Public Television ran an interview with Eller on their Almanac program.

What is it, though, about Minnesota inductees using their platform for social crusades? Alan Page did the same thing. I don’t recall Bud Grant‘s speech but he did not lack for political activism; he can easily get all worked up about Native American fishing rights.

Here’s something I can get all worked up about: Jim Marshall not getting in this year.

Sprint Commercials

The current Sprint TV commercial that’s running in heavy rotation on your tele must not have been proofed before they signed off on airing it. You know the commercial – it’s a none-too-subtle rip-off of the "Intel Inside" idea with a Beatlesish song repeating the theme "Sprint is in here, Sprint is in there." Get it? Sprint is everywhere?

Problem is, when you’re not watching the commercial but have the TV on as background noise as you make dinner or clean up around the house, and are therefore only listening to the commercial, it sounds like they’re singing Sprint isn’t here, Sprint isn’t there. Quite the opposite message they want to get across, you’d think.