7 Amazing Duluth, Minnesota Flooding Videos

French River Flooding

Found at YouTube from PlumeriaPenguin.

Jet Skiing The 2012 Duluth Flood

Epic but WARNING: NSFW. Found at YouTube from hinks11b.

Duluth Flooding Inside The City

Found at YouTube from superior1759.

Flooding At Cascade Park & First Avenue West

Found at YouTube from OnlyFootprints1.

Highway 53 between Hanes & Millerhill Mall

Found at YouTube from KassunM.

Chester Creek, St. Marie, 7th Avenue & Whole Foods

Found at YouTube from merivasiii.

Lester River/Lester Park & 60th Street Bridge

Found at YouTube from MrSwansonite.

Minnesota Is 3rd-Fastest Warming State

Minnesota is the third-fastest warming state in the Union, according to a new report by Climate Central.

Global warming isn’t uniform. The continental U.S. has warmed by about 1.3°F over the past 100 years, but the temperature increase hasn’t been the same everywhere: some places have warmed more than others, some less, and some not much at all. Natural variability explains some of the differences, and air pollution with fine aerosols screening incoming solar radiation could also be a factor. Read the rest at Climate Central.

Chart - MN 3rd Fastest Warming State

Minnesota Snow Storm

Minnesota Snow Storm

So we had 17 inches of snow drop on us during the past two days and now we’re digging out. During the past 48 hours, MnDOT issued a weather advisory, telling people not to travel and they pulled their trucks from the road due to impassible conditions.

The New York Giants, on their way to Minnesota for a game against the Minnesota Vikings, were stranded in Kansas City, then the game scheduled for today, was postponed till Monday, then the Metrodome roof collapsed, forcing the league to move the game to Detroit’s Ford Field.

Here’s what the snow storm looked like from my perspective. Minnesota Snow Storm from David E. Erickson.

Minnesota Blizzard: Mineapolis from David E. Erickson.

Minnesota Blizzard: Saint Paul from David E. Erickson.

Minnesota Blizzard from David E. Erickson.

Minnesota Snownami Aftermath from David E. Erickson.