University Of Minnesota

We’re 50th!

June 26, 2011
University Of Minnesota Ranked 50th Most Amazing College Campus

The Best Colleges has ranked the top 50 most amazing college campuses in the US; the University of Minnesota has made the list…just barely, at number 50.

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Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: The Book

March 10, 2011

The U of M Press has released a book dealing with the 35W bridge collapse, The City, the River, the Bridge: Before and after the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse.

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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet At The State Theatre

March 7, 2011
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet At The State Theatre

Northrop Dance at the University of Minnesota ventures to downtown Minneapolis to present Aspen Santa Fe Ballet this Tuesday, March 7.

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University Of Minnesota Scientists Create Breathing Lungs

July 31, 2010

Scientists at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center and Medical School have achieved another research first — creating breathing lungs in the laboratory. This innovation comes two years after another group of University of Minnesota researchers used a similar technique to create a beating heart in the laboratory.

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The Physics Of Football

December 11, 2009

University of Minnesota physics professor Dan Dahlberg breaks down a tackle from the Minnesota Cal game from earlier this football season when Gopher receiver Eric Decker gets slammed in the end zone by Cal’s Sean Cattouse during a touchdown catch. Dahlberg breaks down the catch and tackle and explains how much force Decker withstood when he took the hit

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The Favre Effect

June 27, 2009

University of Minnesota sports management professor Stephen Ross examines the impact of Brett Favre potentially gearing up in a purple jersey and playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Ross explains who will have the most positive outcome if Favre was to join the Vikes and what the opinion of the fans might be.

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