Sorry For The Mess

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I had grand plans to redesign the Twin Cities, Minnesota Blog and then seamlessly, in the wee hours of the night, flip the domain switch so that, presto!, you, dear read, would be spared the experience you are currently…experiencing.

So much for grand plans.

Had I stuck to them, this blog would still be languishing in its previous design and would not enjoy the future benefits of the flexibility that WordPress provides.

This experience has taught me how much of a pain in the ass transferring a blog from TypePad to WordPress really is.

And not’s not comforting at all to me because I’ve got two more blogs worth of pain to endure.

Anyway, please bear with me as I configure this thing. You’re going to encounter some broken links as you explore. If you find any, please email me the URL so I can fix it: deerickson at gmail dot com.


God Bless Emily Robbins

Thanks to , I can now offer you, gentle feed readers, specific RSS category feeds. The ability to categorize posts was a very appealing feature of TypePad when I decided to go with it as my primary blogging platform, but I assumed that the ability to offer category-specific RSS feeds would be built in.

It was not. Thus, Ms. Robbins’ "" post was particularly helpful.

As a result, you now have a brand-spanking-new Vikings RSS Feed. I’ll post a page of all the category-specific feeds after I’m done creating them.

Minnesota Vikings RSS Feed:

Video Games RSS Feed: