Active Twin Citizens

June 30, 2011
Active Twin Citizens

According to a new ranking by Men’s Health, Minneapolis is the 10th most active city in the nation and Saint Paul is the 13th. Boo-yah!

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Sid Hartman…With MINIONS!

August 16, 2010

A photograph of the statue of Sid Hartman.

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Report: No News To Report On Favre

July 27, 2009

If there’s no news to report on Brett Favre’s decision to join the Minnesota Vikings, report that there’s no news to report so you have something to write about.

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Everything Falling Into Place

December 28, 2008

All the pieces are falling into place for yet another Vikings December collapse.

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Time To Clinch – Minnesota Vikings Vs. Atlanta Falcons Preview

December 21, 2008

The game against the Atlanta Falcons is the Vikings’ best chance for victory of the two games that remain.

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Must Win?

November 2, 2008

The Vikings will need to grind it out with heavy doses of Adrian Peterson & Chester Taylor to take advantage of Houston’s weak run defense.

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The Tease Stretch?

October 12, 2008

Will the Vikings simply be a tease again after the next four years or will we seriously have the contender we hoped for before the season began?

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So It’s Kluwe’s Fault, Huh?

October 8, 2008

Brad Childress is taking out his special teams coverage unit’s incompetence on one player of that unit, punter Chris Kluwe.

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Are You Kidding Me?!?

October 7, 2008

The Minnesota Vikings managed to overcome mistakes and oor special teams coverage to pull out a 30-27 victory over the New Orleans Saints.

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Vikings Lose To Titans

September 28, 2008

If Frerotte is out for any significant time, this season is probably lost.

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