Links for February 20, 2006 – Online Applications & Tools, RSS, Package Tracking, Photo Seach, Real Estate, TV, Wifi, Minnesota Movies

  • – Simple software to help you get organized.
  • – Everyday products that are cool.
  • – Webmaster Tools and SEO Software Resources.
  • – nativetext is a free web service that translates RSS feeds from blogs and podcasts into foreign languages.
  • – trakpak is the easy way to track multiple shipments from multiple carriers (currently UPS, FedEx, and USPS are supported).
  • – Real estate research.
  • – Flickr search engine.
  • – is a web application that acts as your own aggregation service. It is able to fetch and display information about you. It currently supports syndication with web services like 43 Things, 43 Places, 43 People, All Consuming,,
  • – Gradebooks, assignments, messaging and a personal website just for teachers.
  • – is focused on multi-tasking tv watchers – the growing population of users that have broadband internet connectivity while watching TV. Whether you are a passive viewer or actively engaged with the programming you watch, we strive to give you a
  • – Nonprofit film industry trade association devoted to promoting the film industry in Minnesota.

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