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NFL’s Old Guard

March 29, 2006

The Steve Hutchinson signing sure did the hair on the backs of some NFL executives.

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Seattle Seahawks – Cry Babies

March 25, 2006

The Seahawks are not only being babies about the Minnesota Vikings signing away their guard Steve Hutchinson, they’re being stupid by overpaying Nate Burelson out of spite toward the Vikings.

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Nate Burleson Signs With Seattle For…$49 Million

March 24, 2006

Are the Seattle Seahawks being cute by offering $49 million over seven years to Vikings receiver Nate Burleson, the same amount the Vikings offered Seattle guard Steve Hutchinson?

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Losing Nate Burleson

March 16, 2006

I think Burleson is worth more than a third-round pick, but I wouldn’t mind it so much if we lose him.

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