The Most Breathtakingly Graceful Football Juke Ever

Call me a masochist, but I was watching a show about the 1973 on the NFL Network’s program the other day. The , of course, was the team that beat the , my team, in .

I was nine. It was the year during which I became a football fan and the Super Bowl loss was heartbreaking. There’s a short segment in the show where , the Dolphins Hall of Fame wide receiver is discussed. This is Warfield as a :

Photo of Paul Warfield - Cleveland Browns

They were talking about a reception he had against the , in which he caught the ball on a post route, made a guy miss, crossed the field, and while approaching the Raiders’ safety, ever so lightly and gracefully, did a pirouette that caused the defender to simply melt into the ground. It looked so easy and so beautiful. I’ve never seen a move like it and I’m absolutely surprised I hadn’t seen it until now.

The idiotic , so I can’t show it to you here, but . The play is about a minute and thirty seconds into the video.

Culpepper Traded To Dolphins

that the "are expected to trade their frustrated and injured Pro Bowl quarterback
to the Miami Dolphins today for a second-round draft pick in next
month’s NFL draft."

So goes to Miami for a mere second-round draft pick. is apparently going to come true. Adding insult to injury, the Fins pick after us in the second round, so we’re not even moving up in the draft: We have the 16th pick in the second round and the have the 19th.

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