Time-Lapse: Metrodome Roof Raising

July 13, 2011

The Metrodome rose again this morning, seven months and a day after it collapsed in a blizzard.

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Brett Favre In The Wild

November 21, 2009

This is so very cool. Ever wonder what’s being said on the field between players? This is six full minutes of Brett Favre’s on-the-field chatter during the Vikings vs. Lions game.

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Twins Blow Out Tigers

September 6, 2008

Photo from home plate before the Minnesota Twins beat the Detroit Tigers.

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Kirby Puckett Park?

March 8, 2006

It is time to finally deal with Minnesota’s need for new sports stadia.

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When Did The Metrodome Become British?

December 20, 2005

Since when did the Metrodome lose it’s “the”?

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