gus frerotte

Free Frerotte!

September 14, 2008

There is more than enough talent on this offense to win (if Shiancoe sticks to blocking) and win now. We don’t have to blow out opponents like we did back when Frerotte et. al. were playing pitch and catch with Randy Moss. We just need to score a touchdown or three and let the defense do the rest. It doesn’t look like we can do that with Jackson at the helm.

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Adrian Peterson Stars In Madden 09 Commercial

August 8, 2008

This year Madden should be much more fun to play than last year because of the additions of Jared Allen, Madieu Williams, Bernard Berrian, and Adrian Peterson should be rated like 98 or 99.

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Vikings Are Set At Quarterback, With Or Without Favre

July 31, 2008

Even if the Minnesota Vikings don’t land Favre, they are still set a quarterback.

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