Minnesota Is 3rd-Fastest Warming State

Minnesota is the third-fastest warming state in the Union, according to a new report by Climate Central.

Global warming isn’t uniform. The continental U.S. has warmed by about 1.3°F over the past 100 years, but the temperature increase hasn’t been the same everywhere: some places have warmed more than others, some less, and some not much at all. Natural variability explains some of the differences, and air pollution with fine aerosols screening incoming solar radiation could also be a factor. Read the rest at Climate Central.

Chart - MN 3rd Fastest Warming State

Minnesota Best Place When Climate Change Wreaks Havoc Upon Us All

On Wednesday, I noted Minnesota’s not-so-encouraging demographic destiny but today I bring you good news: When climate change slowly does us all in, we Minnesotans will be sitting on the real estate least susceptible to its ravages. Of course, we’ll probably have to raise an army to defend ourselves against everyone else who wants to move in. But hey, we’ve got time.

This map shows local vulnerability of human populations to climate change based on ecological and demographic models is depicted by regions in red which are expected to be most negatively affected by climate change. White regions correspond to human density values of zero in the global population database. Read all about it at Futurity.

Climate Change Global Map
Climate Change Global Map