7 Amazing Duluth, Minnesota Flooding Videos

French River Flooding

Found at YouTube from PlumeriaPenguin.

Jet Skiing The 2012 Duluth Flood

Epic but WARNING: NSFW. Found at YouTube from hinks11b.

Duluth Flooding Inside The City

Found at YouTube from superior1759.

Flooding At Cascade Park & First Avenue West

Found at YouTube from OnlyFootprints1.

Highway 53 between Hanes & Millerhill Mall

Found at YouTube from KassunM.

Chester Creek, St. Marie, 7th Avenue & Whole Foods

Found at YouTube from merivasiii.

Lester River/Lester Park & 60th Street Bridge

Found at YouTube from MrSwansonite.

We’re 50th!

The Best Colleges website has ranked the top 50 most amazing college campuses in the US and the University of Minnesota has made the list…just barely, at number 50. [SEE THE LIST.] Here’s why:

Not only is the main campus of the University of Minnesota located in the “Happiest City in America” it also starts our list of the prettiest college campuses in the country. Ranked as a Public Ivy school for its excellence in academic standards, this campus boasts great facilities like the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, and the oldest building on campus, Pillsbury Hall. Students will enjoy the view between the East and West sides of campus as they cross the Mississippi river via the Washington Avenue Bridge.

Surfing In Duluth

Surfing In Duluth

This may surprise you, but people actually do surf in Duluth. Perfect Duluth Day posted this video of people doing just that. It would’ve been a surprise to me, too, if I didn’t known Graeme Thickens, who, in addition to being the guy who knows everything you’d ever want to know about Minnesota start-up businesses, he’s also the go-to guy about surfing in Minnesota.

I know: who knew?

Check out Graeme’s Tech Surf Blog and you can find him on Twitter here: @GraemeThickins. Found at YouTube From CBS News.