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Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium Implosion

April 11, 2010

The longtime home of the Dallas Cowboys, known for the giant hole in its roof, “so God can watch his team,” according to local lore (if God likes cheaters, that is), came tumbling down early Sunday in a planned demolition.

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Will Adrian Peterson Win The Rushing Title?

December 30, 2007

Will Adrian Peterson reclaim the NFL rushing lead today against the Denver Broncos?

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Minnesota Vikings 14, Dallas Cowboys 24

October 22, 2007

David Erickson’s analysis of the Minnesota Vikings 14-24 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys Preview

October 20, 2007

Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys preview.

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2007 Minnesota Vikings Season Preview

September 5, 2007

Minnesota Vikings 2007 season preview. The Vikes go 9-7 and make the playoffs.

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Remembering the Twins’ 1987 World Series

August 19, 2007

The Minnesota Twins’ 1987 World Series victory was not just the winning of a championship but the relief and redemption of an entire state.

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What About Herschel Walker?

March 15, 2006

Huh? The Pioneer Press doesn’t consider the Herschel Walker trade the biggest in Minnesota Viking history?!?

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