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Jared Allen’s Gettin’ Antsy Over Brett Favre

August 14, 2010

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen visits the Vikings camp and talks with Brad Childress and an antsy Jared Allen.

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Brett Favre 2009 Highlights

June 14, 2010

A remarkably well-done compilation by a fan of Brett Favre’s 2009 highlights as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.

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To Draft A QB Or Not Draft A QB: Vikings Smokescreen?

April 23, 2010

With Brett Favre not yet recovered from his ankle injury from the 2009 season, are the Minnesota Vikings going to draft a quarterback as insurance?

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Brett Favre’s Replacement?

March 12, 2010

It’s nice to know that Brett Favre decides to actually retire this year, Fran Tarkenton will be ready and eager to take over for him under center.

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Video Highlights: Minnesota Vikings Annihilate Chicago Bears

December 2, 2009

Video highlights of the Minnesota Vikings total domination over the Chicago Bears.

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Brett Favre In The Wild

November 21, 2009

This is so very cool. Ever wonder what’s being said on the field between players? This is six full minutes of Brett Favre’s on-the-field chatter during the Vikings vs. Lions game.

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Temco Re-Enactment: Brett Favre’s Game-Winning TD Vs. 49ers

October 15, 2009

This is great! A re-enactment of the final play of the Vikings game against the 49ers when Brett Favre hits Greg Lewis in the back of the end zone to pull out a victory with twelve seconds on the clock.

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Brett Favre’s Game Winning TD Pass to Greg Lewis – Vikings vs. 49ers

September 28, 2009

Brett Favre game winning TD pass to Greg Lewis with 12 seconds left. Favre drove the Vikings down the field 80 yards with no time outs for the win: Minnesota Vikings 27, San Francisco 49ers 24.

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Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions Preview

September 20, 2009

David Erickson’s preview of the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Detroit Lions game on September 20, 2009.

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Cheeseheads Are Worse Than Psycho Ex-Girlfriends

September 2, 2009

Are jilted Green Bay Packers’ fans virtually stalking Brett Favre?

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