Video Game Medals

May 20, 2010

What if you could have an actual pin-on medal for your video game accomplishments?

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Red Dead Redemption

May 16, 2010

Watch the trailer for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games’ open-world, wild west shoot-em-up videogame.

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Links for 1/27/06 – Conversation Engine, Tag Aggregator, MN Vikings History, MN Twins Blog, Sports Blogs, Xbox Videocast & A Whois Tool

January 27, 2006

Links to an online conversation engine, a tag service aggregator, a Minnesota Vikings history page, a Minnesota Twins blog, a sports blog network, an online sports encyclopedia, an Xbox video podcast, and a whois tool.

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HDTV Buying Guide

January 25, 2006

David Erickson’s HDTV Buying Guide

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Xbox 360 Specs – High Definition Gaming

November 9, 2005

The Xbox 360 specs reveal the power to help video games along the path to the holy grail of gaming: photorealism.

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Halo – The Movie

August 23, 2005

I’m fascinated with Halo, the movie, because I’m a fan of the game but also because it interests me as a pop culture phenomenon and from a marketing perspective.

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Bourne Identity Video Games

August 17, 2005

Vivendi Universal Games has bought the video game design rights to Robert Ludlum’s ouvre.

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eXpensive Xbox 360

August 17, 2005

Microsoft has announced the pricing for their next-generation console Xbox 360 and it’s gonna be mighty expensive.

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The Problem With HUDs

August 13, 2005

Heads Up Displays (HUDs) are inhibiting the realism of video games.

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Madden 2006 Is Out

August 9, 2005
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