Scott County Tattooed For Google Fiber

April 18, 2010

Scott County Deputy CIO Perry Mulcrone goes to Lucky Linda’s Body Art to have his arm decorated in Google’s St. Patrick’s Day logo. He pledges to get a real Google tattoo if the Internet giant picks Scott County as a test site for its high-speed fiber project.

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Sorry For The Mess

July 18, 2008

This experience has taught me how much of a pain in the ass transferring a blog from TypePad to WordPress really is.

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The NFL Broke My Links!

August 27, 2007

The redesigned NFL.com has broken the links from my blog to the player profiles.

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This Week In Internet Marketing – 1/24/06 – 1/27/06

January 29, 2006

Internet marketing posts for January 24 through January 27, 2006.

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Links for 1/26/06 – Tom Waits, Corporate Business Gifts & MN Government RSS Feeds

January 26, 2006

Links to Tom Waits sites, Apogee Gifts, and Minnesota State Government RSS Feeds.

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Links for 1/24/06

January 24, 2006

David Erickson’s links for January 24, 2006 – Mostly Grand Theft Auto web sites.

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This Week In Internet Marketing

January 21, 2006

Recent posts from the Internet marketing blog.

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Reason 999 I Love The Internet

January 12, 2006

Radioblog has disallowed Fastboot’s very cool flash music search engine from using it’s files. Boo hoo.

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Reason 4,553.98 Why I Love The Internet

December 15, 2005

Harry Shearer and the Regret the Error blog both undestand the hilarity of mistakes.

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Translate Me, Baby!

September 25, 2005

TwinCitiesMinnesotaBlog.com translated into Japanese.

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