A Tour Of St. Paul’s New Green Line Light Rail Route [VIDEO]

St. Paul blogger (Eccentric Aspects) and photographer Nick Wormley created this awesome timelapse video of what St. Paul’s new Green Line light rail line from our capital city to Minneapolis will look like once it starts running in 2014. How’d he do it? By walking the length of the route with a camera attached to his head (here are the details)! H/T @generebeck,

This is the exact same light rail line I will be taking every day to Minneapolis for my new venture next year. Watch and enjoy:

Chatterbox Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota [VIDEO]

The Chatterbox Pub is one of my favorite spots in St. Paul, be it for business lunches or happy hours. The food is great, service excellent, the craft beer is brewed on site and you can play retro video games to your heart’s delight!

Chatterbox Pub is located at 800 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul, MN 55116. Phone: (651) 699-1154. Hours: 11 AM – 1 AM, Mon-Fri; 8 AM – 1 AM Saturday; 8 AM – 12 AM Sunday. Chatterbox Pub in St. Paul, Minnesota via David Erickson.

Rooster’s BBQ Deli in St. Paul, Minnesota [VIDEO]

Q Fanatic in Champlin used to be my favorite Minnesota BBQ restaurant. But they’ve been supplanted by Rooster’s BBQ Deli in Saint Paul since I discovered Rooster’s several years ago. Since I live in St. Paul, Rooster’s obviously is more convenient but it is also a lot better.

It’s a go-to restaurant for me on Saturdays after a few touch football games. I usually get a baby back rib dinner that includes fries, a roll and coleslaw but lately I’ve been getting the combo meal with ribs and chicken. Their spicy hot is actually hot, not “Minnesota hot,” which is mild. You can eat in, though there isn’t a lot of room for that; I always order take out. They also cater.

Roster’s BBQ Deli is located at 979 Randolph Ave St Paul, MN 55102. Phone: (651) 222-0969. Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM, Closed Mondays. Rooster’s BBQ Deli in St. Paul, Minnesota via David Erickson.

My Walk To End Hunger [VIDEO]

This year I am participating in the Walk To End Hunger on behalf of Neighbors, Inc. on Thanksgiving morning at the Mall of America. If you’ve enjoyed any of my content over the years, either at this blog, or at my e-Strategy Marketing Blog or my Videolicious.tv or Audiolicious.tv blogs or at my Minnesota Vikings Chat blog, please take a moment to show your appreciation by sponsoring my walk for at least $25. Everyone who sponsors me will get a report on the insights I gained and the lessons I learned marketing the Walk. CLICK HERE To Sponsor my Walk!

7 Amazing Duluth, Minnesota Flooding Videos

French River Flooding

Found at YouTube from PlumeriaPenguin.

Jet Skiing The 2012 Duluth Flood

Epic but WARNING: NSFW. Found at YouTube from hinks11b.

Duluth Flooding Inside The City

Found at YouTube from superior1759.

Flooding At Cascade Park & First Avenue West

Found at YouTube from OnlyFootprints1.

Highway 53 between Hanes & Millerhill Mall

Found at YouTube from KassunM.

Chester Creek, St. Marie, 7th Avenue & Whole Foods

Found at YouTube from merivasiii.

Lester River/Lester Park & 60th Street Bridge

Found at YouTube from MrSwansonite.

Canoeing Down Rice Creek

My buddy Chris and I used to canoe down Rice Creek all the time as teens, except we’d do it in the summer and at night, to give it the Swamp Thing feel.

We’d start at Old Highway 8 and County Road H in New Brighton, across from The Mermaid, and paddle down Rice Creek, across Long Lake, and we’d hit shore at Chris’ home along Rice Creek near Silver Lake Road.

Found at YouTube from MinnesotaDNR.