A Tour Of St. Paul’s New Green Line Light Rail Route [VIDEO]

St. Paul blogger (Eccentric Aspects) and photographer Nick Wormley created this awesome timelapse video of what St. Paul’s new Green Line light rail line from our capital city to Minneapolis will look like once it starts running in 2014. How’d he do it? By walking the length of the route with a camera attached to his head (here are the details)! H/T @generebeck,

This is the exact same light rail line I will be taking every day to Minneapolis for my new venture next year. Watch and enjoy:

Macy’s Sky Room [PIC]

Photo of Macy's Sky Room Noodles Entree

I will be spending a lot more time in Minneapolis next year so I figure I’ll have a lot more local material to blog about. Thus, I’ve decided to re-activate this blog with occasional posts about local stuff.

This Monday, I took the bus from St. Paul to Minneapolis (haven’t traveled by bus for years but it’s a form of transit I plan on using quite a bit now) for lunch with a friend.

For lunch, we went to to Macy’s Sky Room restaurant (which used to be Dayton’s Sky Room back in the day).

I was in a bit of a hurry because I had a meeting immediately following lunch, so I was a bit perturbed that it took forever to get our food.  By friend and I both got pasta dishes. After waiting about 15 minutes it dawned on them that they’d forgotten to make her dish but only after they made the wrong entree for me (pictured above).

The thing is, I didn’t really know what to order but the photo of an entree they had covering the back wall looked awfully good, so I said “I’ll have that,” pointing to the photo.

“Do you want chicken with that?”

“Sure,” I replied.

The dish I eventually got had no chicken, so they had to remake it. And then we had to wait for my friend’s meal to be make.

When we finally got our food, we found a table amongst the cafeteria-style seating and ate.

The food, was very good; the wait, was awful.

My Walk To End Hunger [VIDEO]

This year I am participating in the Walk To End Hunger on behalf of Neighbors, Inc. on Thanksgiving morning at the Mall of America. If you’ve enjoyed any of my content over the years, either at this blog, or at my e-Strategy Marketing Blog or my Videolicious.tv or Audiolicious.tv blogs or at my Minnesota Vikings Chat blog, please take a moment to show your appreciation by sponsoring my walk for at least $25. Everyone who sponsors me will get a report on the insights I gained and the lessons I learned marketing the Walk. CLICK HERE To Sponsor my Walk!

Landslide by Stevie Nicks At Mystic Lake

I finally made it to a concert at Mystic Lake’s amphitheater last week to see Stevie Nicks.

It was a great show, especially so because it was outdoors on a perfect Summer night. I gotta say, though, that I have never felt so old at a concert, a Gen Xer surrounded by greying Baby Boomers. It was an odd feeling, to say the least.

Stevie Nicks was delighted to be able to play at Mystic Lake; she commented several times what an appropriately-named venue it was for her to play at, given her interest in mysticism.

The highlight of the concert for me was the story Nicks told about the creation of Soldier’s Angel, a song from her current album. Originally a poem, she was inspired to write it after visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital. She gave copies of that poem to any soldiers or their families she visited thereafter. The poem turned into a song with the help of Lindsey Buckingham, as she explains before performing the song during a concert in Los Angeles:

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham Perform Soldier’s Angel

Found at YouTube from windytree71.

Stevie Nicks Performs Landslide

Stevie Nicks performs Landslide at the Mystic Lake Casino amphitheater on August 24, 2011. Found at YouTube from 1moregan.

Stevie Nicks Performs Secret Love [Excerpt]

Stevie Nicks performs Secret Love at the Mystic Lake Casino amphitheater on August 24, 2011. This is 45 seconds of Stevie Nicks performing Secret Love off her latest album. It’s only 45 seconds but it’s a high quality 45 seconds. Found at YouTube from cgoede67.

We’re 50th!

The Best Colleges website has ranked the top 50 most amazing college campuses in the US and the University of Minnesota has made the list…just barely, at number 50. [SEE THE LIST.] Here’s why:

Not only is the main campus of the University of Minnesota located in the “Happiest City in America” it also starts our list of the prettiest college campuses in the country. Ranked as a Public Ivy school for its excellence in academic standards, this campus boasts great facilities like the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, and the oldest building on campus, Pillsbury Hall. Students will enjoy the view between the East and West sides of campus as they cross the Mississippi river via the Washington Avenue Bridge.

Xtreme Muzik??

Big & Rich Mystic Lake Billboard
Big & Rich At Mystic Lake Casino

Xtreme Muzik: The Tour?? Really?!?

I spotted this billboard for Big & Rich at Mystic Lake Casino…but are we really expected to take seriously an Xtreme Muzik tour from a couple of Good Ole Boys in cowboy hats? [DETAILS.]

Michael Cuddyer Drives In A Run

Minnesota Twins OF/IF Michael Cuddyer knocks in the Twins first run en route to a 8-1 victory over the Texas Rangers on Saturday, June 11, 2011. During a complete game performance, pitcher Scott Baker gave up only one run on five hits. Rookie centerfielder Ben Revere went 2-5, scoring two runs and making a highlight reel diving catch of a fly ball in center and shortstop Alexi Casilla had three hits and scored two runs, one on a wild pitch. Michael Cuddyer RBI from David Erickson.