7 Amazing Duluth, Minnesota Flooding Videos

French River Flooding

Found at YouTube from PlumeriaPenguin.

Jet Skiing The 2012 Duluth Flood

Epic but WARNING: NSFW. Found at YouTube from hinks11b.

Duluth Flooding Inside The City

Found at YouTube from superior1759.

Flooding At Cascade Park & First Avenue West

Found at YouTube from OnlyFootprints1.

Highway 53 between Hanes & Millerhill Mall

Found at YouTube from KassunM.

Chester Creek, St. Marie, 7th Avenue & Whole Foods

Found at YouTube from merivasiii.

Lester River/Lester Park & 60th Street Bridge

Found at YouTube from MrSwansonite.

Sharing A Body: An Inspiring Story From Carver County

Sharing A Body: An Inspiring Story From Carver County

This is a remarkable story: Abigail “Abby” Loraine Hensel and Brittany “Britty” Lee Hensel (born March 7, 1990, Carver County, Minnesota), are highly symmetric dicephalic parapagus conjoined twins. Each controls and senses her corresponding arm and leg. They were raised in New Germany, Minnesota and attended Lutheran High School affiliated with the Missouri Synod in Mayer, Minnesota. Found at YouTube from worldswonders.

Minnesota Best Place When Climate Change Wreaks Havoc Upon Us All

On Wednesday, I noted Minnesota’s not-so-encouraging demographic destiny but today I bring you good news: When climate change slowly does us all in, we Minnesotans will be sitting on the real estate least susceptible to its ravages. Of course, we’ll probably have to raise an army to defend ourselves against everyone else who wants to move in. But hey, we’ve got time.

This map shows local vulnerability of human populations to climate change based on ecological and demographic models is depicted by regions in red which are expected to be most negatively affected by climate change. White regions correspond to human density values of zero in the global population database. Read all about it at Futurity.

Climate Change Global Map
Climate Change Global Map

Minneapolis 9th Vainest City

Minneapolis Is 9th Vainest City
Minneapolis Is 9th Vainest City

According to Total Beauty, Minneapolis, Minnesota is the 9th vainest city in the United States. Here’s why:

When it’s frostbite weather outside just about 85 percent of the year, it’s no wonder these Minnesotans spend a lot of time and dough their looks. That kind of cold wreaks havoc on hair, skin and nails. At last count (in 2002, the latest Census data available), there were 1343 “personal care” businesses in the City of Lakes, more than a thousand of which were hair salons. See what cities are vainer than Minneapolis.