Safety Fart

Sure, call me juvenile. I don’t care. I giggled at this, as I often do when watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

This, of course, is a parody of the 80s hit, Safety Dance:

Minnesota Wild Win Again – Game 3

The won another wild one last night, taking the game deep into overtime before finishing off the . The Wild overcame horrible officiating and many lost scoring opportunities to come out with a win in another extremely good game. Colorado fans are getting panic-y.

Here are the highlights, courtesy of the NHL. The shorthanded goal by is a thing to behold (about 3:30 in):

Minnesota Wild Win

I confess I did not really follow the this season. But I am now and man am I impressed. The last time I really watched the team was during the playoffs when they were manhandled by the . But this looks like an entirely different Minnesota Wild team. The one I remember from last year were very sloppy passers and got out-muscled much of the time. This Wild team’s passing is crisp and they’re are throwing their weight around.

Both games thus far of this playoff series have been extremely good and exciting.

The first Western Conference quarterfinal match-up between the Wild and the should have been a Wild win. The home team absolutely outplayed the Avalanche but got no breaks and seemed to tire at the end.

Last night, on the other hand, they did not seem as crisp and didn’t get after the Avalanche nearly as much as in game one, but they came out with the win nevertheless.