LeRoy Neiman, American Impressionist

Saint Paul artist LeRoy Neimman, considered the American impressionist, died Wednesday at 91 years of age. From the New York Times:

Mr. Neiman’s kinetic, quickly executed paintings and drawings, many of them published in Playboy, offered his fans gaudily colored visual reports on heavyweight boxing matches, Super Bowl games and Olympic contests, as well as social panoramas like the horse races at Deauville, France, and the Cannes Film Festival.

Quite consciously, he cast himself in the mold of French Impressionists like Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir and Degas, chroniclers of public life who found rich social material at racetracks, dance halls and cafes.

LeRoy Neiman Painting of Minnesota Twins Hall Of Famer Harmon Killebrew

LeRoy Neiman - Harmon Killebrew Painting

LeRoy Neiman Self-Portrait

LeRoy Neiman Self Portrait

Grand Old Day Music Line Up

Grand Old Day Music

This year’s Grand Old Day is this Sunday, June 5, from 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. and, as usual, there’s a full slate of bands to choose from. Here’s a sampling of the lineup. [DETAILS.]. (Visit Audiolicious.tv for daily music videos.)

Grand Old Day 2011 Trailer

Found at YouTube from GrandOldDay.

Arc Flash Hazard: You’re My Home

Found at YouTube from ArcFlashHazard.

Church Of Cash: Folsom Prison Blues

Found at YouTube from ktebeest.

Tim Sigler Band: Free and Easy

Found at YouTube from timsiglerband.

Hookers & Blow: Led Zeppelin

Found at YouTube from tapemark.

White Iron Band: Minnesota Song

Found at YouTube from hollywood94.

GB Leighton: Lonely Long

Found at YouTube from mw8792.

The Arms Akimbo: Giving Up For Good

Found at YouTube from 893TheCurrent.

Communist Daughter: Not The Kid

Found at YouTube from 893TheCurrent.

Chris Koza: Redwood Skyline

Found at YouTube from GRODMIN.

No Bird Sing: Devil Trombones

Found at YouTube from nobirdsing.

Mayda: Get Loud

Found at YouTube from MNoriginal.

Phantom Trails: Real Savage

Found at YouTube from kingofthecastle7.

Dead Man Winter: Victory

Found at YouTube from rcsskier.

The 4ontheFloor: On Tuesdays

Found at YouTube from Youa55443.

Heiruspecs: 5evs

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ARTCRANK began in Minneapolis in 2007 but has since expanded to other cities across the nation. It is a show of bicycle-inspired poster artwork that introduces people to talented local artists they’ve never heard of before and sends them home with affordable, original works of art. Every ARTCRANK show features posters created by local artists from the host city. Admission is always free, and posters are priced to let everybody take home at least one. ARTCRANK runs from yesterday through about mid-May. [DETAILS.]

Here’s a video of scenes from last year’s ARTCRANK. Found at Vimeo from red23films.

This is a preview of some of the posters that will be available at this year’s ARTCRANK:

Minneapolis Institute Of Arts Exhibit: Titian & The Golden Age of Venetian Painting

Titian is one of my favorite painters from one of my favorite periods of art, the Italian Renaissance. The exhibition comes courtesy of the Masterpieces collection from the National Galleries of Scotland. I’ve already got my tickets. The exhibition runs now through May 1. [DETAILS.]

Exhibit Description: Catch this rare opportunity to see the cream of the Venetian paintings collection of the National Galleries of Scotland, here for the first time ever. Two ravishing pendants by Titian, Diana and Actaeon and Diana and Callisto, make this a must-see for painting lovers.

Commentary on Diana and Actaeon by Curator David Brenneman:

Found at YouTube from HighMuseum.

Commentary on Diana and Callisto by Curator David Brenneman:

Found at YouTube from HighMuseum.

Understanding Art Through Budapest Fine Arts Museum: Part I : Understanding Art: Style of Titian

Found at YouTube from expertvillage.

Hamlet In The Round

Hamlet In The Round

The Theater In The Round performs William Shakespeare’s Hamlet from March 18 to April 17. One of the most powerful and influential tragedies in the English language returns to the arena. The royal court is overwhelmed by grief, haunting, real and feigned madness, violence and treachery as its Prince seeks revenge for a murdered father. [DETAILS.] Found at YouTube from kynnusk.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet At The State Theatre

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet At The State Theatre

Northrop Dance at the University of Minnesota ventures to downtown Minneapolis to present Aspen Santa Fe Ballet this Tuesday, March 7. [DETAILS].

Celebrating its 15th anniversary season, the contemporary ballet troupe has taken the country by storm with their adventurous sampling of choreographers, range of dance styles, and an impressively extensive repertoire, acquiring and commissioning works from the top choreographers of the world. The company that takes “hold of your heart” (The Washington Post) performs an exhilarating program of contemporary dance exemplifying its commitment to commissioning groundbreaking work by both world renowned and emerging choreographers. Found at YouTube from TheCAMIChannel.

King Tut Exhibit

King Tut Exhibit

The Science Museum of Minnesota is currently showing a King Tut exhibit, entitled Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs. The exhibit takes you back in time 3,000 years to one of the most remarkable periods in history. King Tut features 100 authentic artifacts. Walk among the history of some of ancient Egypt’s most significant rulers, including Tut’s relatives, with artifacts immersing you in the daily life, religion, and funeral practices that took place under the rule of the pharaohs. The exhibit runs through September 5, 2011. Found at YouTube from sciencemuseummn.

Here’s two more King Tut videos for you:

Found at YouTube from NationalGeographic.

Found at YouTube from AncientDez.