Twin Cities Blizzard…In 3D! [VIDEO]

I’ve been playing around with an Aiptek 3D HD camcorder and fortunately for me, we’ve got a blizzard this weekend! This is what it was like driving through Minneapolis and Saint Paul in it today. You’ll need to be wearing 3D glasses and adjust the settings on the video from the 3D menu in the video player. Found at YouTube from davideerickson.

3 Replies to “Twin Cities Blizzard…In 3D! [VIDEO]”

  1. “This is why bicyclists are obnoxious”.

    A person is trying to get from point A to point B. They ride on a side road. They slowed you down by a good 10 seconds at most. And for this, the first words out of your mouth in the entire video is whining about bicyclists? Why not whine about the parked cars that narrowed the street? Why not whine about the lack of dedicated roads for cyclists?

    Heck, why not congratulate the person on using a vehicle that will not get stuck in the snow, and will not take up valuable parking space?

  2. Clay,
    I assume from the implied umbrage you are taking with my observation of bicyclists’ behavior that you’re one of them. The righteous indignation you express at my annoyance causes me to suspect you may be close to the type of bicyclist who tends to piss me off.

    Let me explain to you, then, that what annoys me about many (not all) bicyclists is their presumption of superiority that manifests itself as arrogance on the road. These assholes intentionally ignore the traffic that they are slowing down. They force cars to wait for them rather than politely moving to the side to allow the rest of the world to pass.

    I try to be as polite a driver as possible. As a pedestrian, I try to hurry across crosswalks so as to be polite to drivers. I don’t think it’s too much to expect the same from bicyclists, is it?

    I’ve had two bicyclists riding side-by-side, taking up the entire line of a single-lane road during rush hour so that the ONLY way to get around them was to wait for traffic to clear and then pass them in the other lane, only to be flipped off by them as I passed.

    Now, I’m sure you’re the polite type of bicyclist, Clay, but your whining on my blog sure makes you sound like those arrogant pricks I come across on the Twin Cities streets far too often.

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