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I absolutely cannot wait to watch some ball at Target Field.

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Brett Favre To Vikings Saga: Day 4

NFL: DEC 28 Dolphins at Jets

You thought this was over? Silly person.

While the was widely reported, given ‘s history, . It’s a wonder the Yahoo Sports report wasn’t dismissed outright with a chuckle and a dismissive plllllleeeeeze.

Unsurprisingly, Yahoo Sports’ Michael Silver by painting Favre as unpredictable. Well, that’s low-hanging fruit. But it’s wrong. At this point, Favre’s media manipulations are entirely predictable.

ESPN headquarters at Winter Park:

And, thus, the Brett Favre saga was set in motion once again. But former Strib and current writer Kevin Seifert :

This story has spun totally out of control, and I’m not sure if I can make reasonable sense out of it anymore. Schaap’s report suggests Favre’s medical records were sent to the Vikings ON THE SAME DAY that a Yahoo! Sports story reported that Favre told coach Brad Childress he doesn’t want to play in 2009.

The , defensively, “We really have no choice but to bring you the back and forth developments.”

Meanwhile, there’s unrest among the Minnesota media.

At the Star Tribune, columnist Patrick Reusse devotes column space to the obvious: to shine the spotlight on himself. Fellow columnist Sid Hartman goes into full We Don’t Need ‘Em mode . And beat writer Judd Zulgad, in order to pressure the team to issue some definitive statements, unleashes the fans on the Vikings .

On the other side of the river, St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Tom Powers , fellow columnist Charley Walters in this Favre saga, and beat writer Rick Alonzo with a quote from Vikings Middle Linebacker E.J. Henderson:

“I think it’s good to have that resolution so we can just move on and focus on us, and focus on getting ready for the season without all these outside distractions,” said linebacker E.J. Henderson after the Yahoo! Sports report. “I definitely think it’s good to have a resolution, if there is one. But who knows what the personnel guys, and the guys we’ve got upstairs, what they’re going to end up doing?”

WCCO TV’s Mike Max .

Brett Favre To Vikings Saga: Day 2

I’ve collected a handful of videos of YouTubers responding to the Brett Favre to the Vikings story at my daily video blog.

ESPN has camped out at Winter Park, so Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings appears to be the story of the NFL offseason.

ESPN’s John Clayton addresses some of the issues were Favre to wear purple this season, Gene Wojciechowski is all for Farve playing in Minnesota, while former Strib beat writer Kevin Seifert points to what the story says about the Vikings’ current quarterback situation:

More than anything, this facet of the story illustrates how far down the plank the Vikings have already walked. We’re in the second week of May, and they are shopping for a new starting quarterback. The simple act of setting up a meeting with Favre sends a mixed message, at best, to the two quarterbacks they had planned to pit in a training camp competition. Simply by virtue of Tuesday’s story, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels already know they’re on the brink of being pushed aside — at least for one year.

From this vantage point, it seems the Vikings have boxed themselves into a situation that mandates an agreement with Favre. They’re in no position to make demands, including offseason attendance. If Favre walks away, or if the Vikings move on because he won’t accede to their requests, Childress would be left with the unenviable task of rebuilding the trust of his remaining quarterbacks.

Jared Allen pipes in and likes the idea of Favre in the locker room: columnist Vic Carucci discusses what the move would mean to the the Vikings/Packers rivalry, NFL Total Access did a segment on the risk versus the reward of landing Favre, and Steve Mariucci gives his take.

Sports Illustrated‘s Don Banks is sick of it:

It’s beyond tiresome by now. Let’s face it, it’s sad and kind of pathetic that we’re once again being sucked into another Brett Favre watch. What are we up to now, four, five summers in a row with the same basic storyline: Will he play or won’t he? The indecision of the man has become as legendary as his football feats, and infinitely less entertaining.

Closer to home, Strib beat writers Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins quote a very excited Bernard Berrian:

“I try not to get too caught up in it because I don’t want to get too overexcited, thinking that he’s coming and then all of a sudden he doesn’t,” Berrian said. “He would be a great addition to the team. He’s a great player. He’s done so much for the NFL by himself. He definitely would bring leadership to the team.

“He’s been in the league for 17, 18 years and to have a player of his caliber come in, it speaks volumes for what he can do for this team.”

PiPressers Rick Alonzo and Sean Jensen get Rich Gannon and Pete Bercich‘s take:

“From an X’s and O’s standpoint, it would be perfect,” said Bercich, an analyst for KFAN-AM and a former Vikings assistant coach. “They’ve talked about how, in New York, they used him a lot. They might have overused him, maybe. I guarantee you Childress is either going to show him the film or talk to him about how with (Peterson) standing behind him, he’s going to get a lot of one-on-one coverage. He’s one of the best play-action passers there ever was.”

“It’s the same verbiage, same terminology,” Gannon said of the Vikings’ offense and the Packers’ system. “The comfort level is so important for a quarterback like that. What they did last year, in New York, they bastardized the system. They made all kinds of changes and tweaks. Everyone had to learn different stuff, because of Brett. He’d audible, and he’d be referring to the old terminology.

“Stepping into this system, with the great running game, and the solid defense… just manage the game, and take care of the football, there’s no reason he can’t win 11 or 12 games.”

Darren Sharper thinks it’s a good idea, too but Nick Barnett says the move would make Favre a traitor.

WCCO TV’s Esme Murphy covers the chatter, online and off, about the Favre story while Jason DeRusha reports on the financial impact Favre’s purpleness would mean to the team.

Safety Fart

Sure, call me juvenile. I don’t care. I giggled at this, as I often do when watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force:

This, of course, is a parody of the 80s hit, Safety Dance:

Brett Favre To Vikings Talk

The Brett Favre annual offseason drama continues with’s report yesterday that Brad Childress will meet with the 39-year-old quarterback with a torn biceps tendon and questionable motivations to discuss his future as a Viking.

The Strib confirmed the ESPN story last night. Star Tribune reporters Chris Miller and Judd Zulgad discuss the topic in a Web video but, stupidly, the paper doesn’t allow you to either embed the video or link directly to it, so if you want to watch it, go directly to the Strib’s Vikings section.

Incumbent starter Sage Rosenfels is burying his head in the sand and Strib columnist Jim Souhan doesn’t want Favre because:

There are lots of good reasons for coaxing a future Hall of Fame quarterback out of retirement. As long the Vikings don’t think one of them is an aging Favre’s ability to propel his team to the Super Bowl, then, what the heck? Sign Favre, watch the fireworks, and understand that this January, Favre might wind up looking all too much like a cross between Brad Johnson and Tarvaris Jackson.

Favre is the supermodel who maxes out your credit cards. He is the sports car that wipes out your bank account. He is enticing, and he is captivating, and he is trouble.

But PiPress columnist Tom Powers says Childress needs to woo Favre because:

Even if you hate the idea of Favre joining the Vikings, think of the excitement it would create. This is exactly the type of kick-start the Vikings need in this tough economy. Interest will go off the charts.

But more important than any intangibles is the simple fact that he is a better quarterback than anyone the Vikings have on their roster. Favre is better than what they have, he won’t cost any players or draft choices in return, and they have the money to pay him. Signing him should be a no-brainer.

Fellow Pioneer Press columnist Bob Sansevere confidently predicts Favre will sign with the Vikings:

And, to round out the Favre coverage, PiPresser Charlie Waters envisions a bundle that includes both Favre and former Packers teammate, right tackle Mark Tauscher.