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fashionhause September 3, 2007 at 2:14 am

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Chanel J12 – Watch Your Time

Did you know that kids in hospital playrooms never fight? Because they all share a common ground. They have an understanding of how vulnerable life is and how precious time can be. They individually deal with issue of sickness but see the world with layers of colors. My professional world used to look so grey, so blurred with fatigue. Yet the hours I spent in the hospital allowed me to gaze life in black and white once again. Thrive on helping others and shift away from those who harm. Beam with laughter and minimize arguments. Life’s too short, we all will soon run out of time.

Christmas came fashionably early this year, my sister and I received our matching J12s before Thanksgiving. I got the White one. It’s very well suited, since I always choose to look at the world on the brighter side.

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Cushion toggle bracelet

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Burberry Check Shoulder Bag

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