Vikings Training Camp Video

The Star Tribune does an excellent job of posting multimedia clips on the Vikings. They’ve got audio of new-signed DE Erasmus James talking about his first workout, fellow DE Lance Johnstone talking aobut the upcoming Cheifs game, Tice’s full press conference, Defensive Coordinator Ted Cotrell subbing for Tice during a press conference, and video of Tice talking about their scrimmage and defense and James tipping and intercepting a Brad Johnson pass.

KSTP TV, meanwhile, posts video of their Vikings news coverage, including a piece on the team’s newly-rennovated ship being vandalized, Troy Williamson and Matt Birk injury updates, coverage of the team’s offensive and defensive scrimmages, Smoot’s return, James’ signing, and a review of the last week of camp.

KFAN has video from the last week of camp, including a Johnson to Hoag pass, a Johnson to Fason pass, a Culpepper to Angulo pass, a Culpepper to Robinson pass, a Johnson to Howry pass, a Williams tackle of Bennett, Ralph Brown batting down a pass, a Culpepper to Robinson pass, a Culpepper to Wiggins toss, and Erasmus James running the gauntlet.

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